Friday, 15 September 2017

Creating Longer Lashes At Home: The Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit

Lashes. Many of us out there struggle with making them look the way we want them to even though there are so many ways of getting longer or more voluminous lashes.

There was a time where I desperately wanted to get eyelash extensions or a lash lift but it's just too expensive for me. So I got over that very quickly and then discovered the Cougar Fibre Lash Extender Kit* in my latest Miabox from July! I have to say that this is nowhere comparable to a lash lift whatsoever but it's an amazing way to lengthen and also colour your lashes at home!

In this kit, you get two mascara-like looking bottles, of which one is the Magic Lash Mascara and one is the Magic Fibre Extender.
You apply the mascara first and let it dry for just a couple seconds before going in with the extender. When I first read the things this kit was supposed to do I laughed a bit because it sounded so easy but when I applied the mascara for the first time and the extender right after I was quite impressed!

It's a very delicate and almost natural look and you can also top it up with another coat of another mascara but it really lengthens the lashes because of the fibres that are in the extender, it's amazing!
At the moment I'm debating again whether or not to get a lash lift anytime soon... I would love to but I think it's something that once you start getting it done you have to go over and over again because you just get used to how it looks, you know?

I'm still very happy with this kit for now and it's also something to just put on and leave the house without having to apply various coats of mascara to make the lashes look alright.

Have you tried anything for longer, fuller lashes before? x


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