Sunday, 10 September 2017

Dr Rimpler & Isabelle Lancray Beauty Event Hanover 2017

Blogger events are definitely one of my favourite things in the entire world. I've only been to two events so far but I'm still so happy that I had the chance to actually be a part of these amazing events! One of them being the Beauty Blogger Café in Berlin last year, which I also blogged about and which is going to take part again next month, and the other one was the Dr Rimpler & Isballe Lancray Beauty Day in Hanover two weeks ago!

If you guys have been following my blog for a while now you may have seen me talking about the products from Isabelle Lancray quite often and they're definitely one of my favourite brands out there! So you can only imagine how shocked yet happy and excited I was when I got the invitation to their event!

I went there with my cousin from Angels Beauty Corner and we had an absolute blast that day! The Beauty Day started at 10 in the morning and I was a bit shy at first because there were already a few people sitting and chatting away and I didn't want to interrupt anything but in the end everyone turned out to be so lovely and nice that I now kind of regret not talking to all of them... But there's always a next time, I hope. I'm already so excited for the next Beauty Blogger Café and I can't wait to just go for it and talk to as many different people as possible!

The day started with us getting our name tags and being divided into three different groups and an introduction from the lovely team at Dr Rimpler of which Isabelle Lancray has become a part of years ago.

My cousin and I were part of the purple team - there was also a blue and a grey one - and we were the first ones to receive either a waxing treatment, a brow treatment or a lash treatment. Both Yasmin and I went for the brow treatment and we were really pleased with our results!

After that first part of the day, the next stop already waited for us which was a facial treatment and it was the best thing ever! I've never been so relaxed before, I tell you! Pampered and all relaxed the day went on with a lovely lunch together with the brands' team and all the other bloggers and we had a nice chat with the girls at our table.

Last but not least we were told a few things about the brand itself, about their products and the ingredients as well - all cruelty-free -, which was very interesting and informative! We even got a little goodie bag with products suited just for our own individual skin type and concerns and I'm still extremely excited about that!
Then we had a little more time to take photos in their showroom, get our makeup done professionally and just talk to each other. I wish I was a bit more confident and open towards all the other girls but I'm sure I'll see them at another event someday!

Again a huge thank you to Dr Rimpler for inviting me to this special event and I hope there will be many more to come!

I also want to mention just some of the lovely girls that were there with me as well!

Saskia from Miss Different
Sandy from Zaphiraw
Julia from Des Belle Choses
Sylvi from Sylvis Lifestyle
Christine from Pretty You
Nadine from Lyvz Blog

Have you been to any events recently? x 


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