Sunday, 3 September 2017

Essence My Must Haves Palette

Essence is one of my favourite highstreet brands at the moment and they've really stepped up their game recently! In my last Highstreet Challenge with my cousin Yasmin from Angels Beauty Corner, I received the Essence My Must Haves Palette with four different shades, which are gorgeous!

The concept behind this is that you can either create a four shades palette or an eight shades palette with different eyeshadows, blushes, powders, highlighters, bronzers etc. Because I got the palette all ready to use, I don't know which of the four shades are actual eyeshadows, which are face powders and so on, so I just use all of them as eyeshadows!

The first shade in the palette is a gorgeous beige, almost white with little pigments of shimmer in it. It's the perfect browbone highlighter shade and the pigmentation is great as well!

The next shade is a pretty very light pink, which is right up my street and I just love using that as an inner corner highlight or all over the inner part of my eyelid!

The second to last shade is a stunning copper shade, again with little pigments of shimmer in it and I just love this shade the most!

The very last shade in this palette is a dark greyish purple, which I like to use in the crease and the outer corner of the eye.

All four of the shades that I have in my very own palette are beautifully pigmented, super easy to blend and look gorgeous when applied to the eyelid! The darker shades do have a bit of fallout but that's nothing a fluffy brush can't fix!
I like the shades even better when I spray my brush with some MAC Fix+ before going into the pan; it makes the colours so much more vibrant and they last longer as well! The longevity can be further increased when you use the Essence I ♥ Stage Eyeshadow Base before going in with the actual eyeshadows!

I really like this palette as you can tell and I can't wait to buy a few more of the shades that they currently have!

Have you heard of this concept from Essence before? x


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