Wednesday, 6 September 2017

How To Create The Perfect Gel Manicure At Home - Guest Post by Carolette Alcoran

What's the point of spending your valuable cash on nail polish that fades away or chips off in a day or two? Perhaps you've tried doing it yourself at home to save money but ended up going back to the nail spa if you weren't happy with the results. Maybe the nail spa has recommended using gel polish so that your manicure lasts longer, but you've been put off by the higher price.

Well, there is a solution to both those problems, and that is to buy your own gel nail kit from a supplier like Svensson and do the manicure yourself. Gel polish is much easier to apply than ordinary polish because it is cured by UV light, so it doesn't start drying on the nails whilst you are applying it. But there are some important steps that you need to follow to ensure that your home manicure is as good as you'll get in the nail spa. So let's get started:

Step 1: Clean Your Nails
The initial part of the manicure should start with the cleaning routine. This is as important as any of the other steps because if the nails are not completely clean, the polish may start peeling off within the two weeks that is normally claimed to be the period that gel polish will stay on the nails. Start with cleaning your nails by removing any old nail polish. You can use a nail cleanser for doing that. After removing old nail polish, brush your nail thoroughly with soapy water and trim them using a nail clipper to get the desired shape. Then do a final clean with acetone to ensure there no traces of soap or oil left on the nail.

Step 2: Apply Gel Base Coat
The next step is to apply the base coat. However, before doing that apply some sunscreen to the fingers (but not the nails) to protect your skin from the UV light that will be used to cure each layer of the polish. Make sure you don't get the base coat on the cuticles and apply it as evenly as you can, and not too thick. Use the UV/LED lamp to dry the nails keeping them right under the lamp. Let them dry for the specified amount of time. This may vary depending on the brand of polish and the intensity of the light, but is usually around 1 - 2 minutes.

Step 3: Apply Gel Nail Polish
After ensuring that the base coat is dry, apply the color coat to your nails. Apply the polish to your nails evenly and as thinly as possible. Following this, let the polish dry under the UV/LED lamp for the same amount of time. If the instructions say 1 - 2 minutes, that means you can dry it in one minute if you've managed a very thin coat, but if it's thicker you may need up to two minutes. Usually, for beginners, it's best to start with something in between - say one and a half minutes - and only increase it if the nails are not completely dry. As you get more proficient at applying gel polish, you will be able to apply it more thinly and reduce drying time.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3
This is the real secret to a successful gel manicure. Applying two layers of the nail polish will ensure that they last the full two weeks and also provide more boldness to your nails, making them look even more attractive. Many women even apply three coats of the color coat which can often make the manicure last three weeks instead of two, but this also depends on the base and top coats being properly applied as well. Between each coat use the UV/LED lamp to dry the polish.

Step 5: Apply Gel Top Coat
The top coat is the key to achieving a sustainable and perfect gel polish manicure as it prevents the nail polish color from chipping. Therefore ensure that you apply the gel top coat carefully to your nails making sure it doesn't overlap onto the cuticles and there are no gaps in the coverage. Again use UV/LED lamp to dry the nails, this time for perhaps an extra 10 seconds to ensure they are completely dry.

Step 6: Apply Isopropyl Alcohol To Your Nails
This step is an add-on to the manicure process. By rubbing a cotton wool ball soaked in an alcohol solution over your finished nails, you can remove the slight stickiness that is often left on the top coat and make your nails look hard and shiny.

Follow these simple steps to achieve good looking and sexy nails. Creating a perfect gel polish manicure at home doesn't seem so difficult now, does it? Have fun showing off your beautiful nails to the world!

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