Sunday, 17 September 2017

Wellmaxx Shape Body Lotions

I have already talked about a few items from the Blogger Club Box I received in July and today I want to talk about two of the Wellmaxx body lotions!

The first one is the Wellmaxx Shape Bust Up Cream*, which claims to improve the elasticity and overall condition of the skin of your breast area and cleavage. First of all, I want to mention the incredible scent of this cream! It smells quite sweet but still fresh and I just love it so much! Along with the amazing scent, this body lotion absorbs very quickly and also has a very soft and creamy texture, which feels so good on the skin!
I'm not quite sure whether or not this has a made a difference in terms of elasticity, etc. but I just really like applying this on a regular basis before going to bed because it smells so good!

The other Wellmaxx product is the Shape Body Slim Day Lotion*, which claims to smooth skin contours and enhance the silhouette by stimulating the skin with a combination of caffeine and other helpful ingredients. The scent in this one is the same as in the Bust Up Cream but the texture is a lot more gel-like. Since using this one almost daily I do see a difference in my skin! I use this on my inner thighs and right below my bum, on my "problem areas", and gently massage it in. It feels very refreshing and also makes the skin feel a bit more toned! The extra bonus this has is the useful pump on top of the bottle, which makes the application even easier and faster!

Overall, I really like these two shaping body lotions because they smell incredible and the Body Slim Lotion actually works on my body! Like I already said I'm not too sure on the effect of the Bust Up Cream but I will definitely continue to use it anyway!

Do you have any experience with shaping body lotions? x


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