Saturday, 7 October 2017

3 Bronzers Worth The Try

Especially in autumn and winter I like my skin to look a bit more bronzed than during the warmer times of the year just because I feel like it looks better in general and because my skin looks even paler in autumn and winter!
However, while coming up with this post idea and taking the photos for it I realised that I don't even own that many bronzers but the ones that I have are amazing! I really like all of them but there are three bronzers that I would always recommend to anyone looking for a new bronzer!

Artdeco | Bronzing Magnum Powder*
This one I just got recently in one of my Blogger Club Boxes and I instantly fell in love with it! It is a huge bronzer with a mirror inside and it smells amazing as well! The product itself is incredibly buttery and blends beautifully on the skin! I like to apply this with a large fluffy powder brush and it gives a really nice warm and bronzed tone to the skin!

Makeup Revolution | Renaissance Glow
Next up there is a face duo from MUR and the product inside is not actually a bronzer but a contour powder. However, I like to use this as a bronzer as well! It's a bit ashier than the one from Artdeco but with my pale skin it almost looks like a bronzing powder!

Benefit | Hoola Lite
And last but not least I want to mention a staple item in my collection. When I first started blogging about makeup and beauty I wanted to get my hands on the original Hoola Bronzer but when I saw they had brought out a lite version I knew I had to get this one instead! You have to be quite careful though because you can easily overdo it with this product! It's more on the orange side of bronzers but I don't mind that at all - I just have to blend it very well!

These three are the only bronzers in my collection at the moment and I hope to get some more anytime soon! I've gotten into bronzing a lore more recently so I'm now on the hunt for a few more products to tr! Leave you recommendations down below if you have any!

What's your favourite bronzer? x


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