Saturday, 21 October 2017

Beauty Blogger Café Berlin 2017

Last week, my friend Vanessa from Nessi Cannelle and my cousin Yasmin from Angels Beauty Corner went to the annual Beauty Blogger Café in Berlin! I went there last year already but for them, it was the very first time, which made everything even more exciting!

The brands this time were p2 Cosmetics, Cattier Paris, Medisana, Swiss Smile, Chris Farrell, Joico, Softwings, Special T and Dyson - we somehow got in touch with every brand and even got their PR contact addresses!

Even a few "famous" German YouTubers were there; well, at least I knew them because I watch them regularly, but that was just so exciting seeing them there!

Again, there were so many lovely girls that I would have loved to talk to but I was too shy... *sigh* It's always the same with me! But this time I was super happy with my outfit, which you can see in the last photo! I love how autumnal and somehow classy it looks and I felt extremely comfortable wearing it as well!

Tomorrow, there's going to be a little "haul" where I'll be showing you all the goodies we got on that special day, so make sure to stick around for a while!  

What was the last blogger event you attended? x


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