Friday, 13 October 2017

Beauty Tools I Use Everyday

It's finally Friday - whoop!

I recently got the chance to work with some amazing beauty brands and I thought I should combine some of those in this one post today!
Because I love makeup and beauty so much - duh - I'm using many tools every single day but these are my current "favourites".

It all starts in the morning with my favourite pair of tweezers - yes that's actually a thing for me, ha! It's from Essence and it's great for getting all those tiny, annoying hairs!
To keep my hair out of my face I like to use the Dr Rimpler headband we got at the Beauty Event in Hanover in August. I had been wanting a headband like this for ages and now that I've got one I can't imagine my daily makeup and skincare routine without it anymore!

After my face is prepped and primed for makeup, I like to use the Basic Beauty Tools Foundation Blenders* to apply my foundation and concealer! Their beauty sponges are great; they're not too hard but not too soft either and I don't have to bathe them to get the results I want to have, which is always a plus when it comes to makeup sponges, in my opinion!
While applying my makeup, I also like to use My Beauty Light*, which always reminds me of a lightsaber from Star Wars! It's incredible though! I put it up on my large mirror, right at the top and I dimmed it to about half of the brightness it can get to - I was almost blinded by how bright this is when I first turned it on!
It gives just the perfect shade of light when doing your makeup and, no kidding, applying makeup is so much easier because you can actually see which parts you missed to blend or where there's still a bit of concealer missing!

Last but not least I want to mention my Magnitone, which I rediscovered a few months ago. I just love this so much and it has definitely become a must in my skincare routine, especially now that it's a bit colder outside!

Also, have you seen the Spongedry* from Basic Beauty Tools yet? Like, how cool is this little thing to hold your makeup sponge?! It's so much more hygienic than putting your sponge down on your table or wherever! Definitely my favourite thing from this brand!

If you want to know a bit more about some of the products that I mentioned don't hesitate to drop me a message!

What are some of the beauty tools you use every day? x


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