Monday, 2 October 2017

Evening Skincare Routine

With the colder season in almost full swing I only recently tried to switch up my evening skincare routine a bit but somehow my skin doesn't seem to bother too much about the colder temperatures. At least my face doesn't seem to be affected by that, whereas my body - especially my hands, arms and legs - have gotten extremely dry!

So for my face routine, I normally start off with the Cosnature Lemon-Melissa Cleansing Foam and afterwards, I like to use the Pixi Glow Tonic to make sure my skin also looks a bit glowier in autumn and winter.

After it's all cleansed and toned I love to use my Skin Chemists Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser. It smells incredible and is just perfect for my skin at the moment!

Then I normally use these golden under eye masks from Grace & Stella, which I absolutely adore! They're very moisturising and refreshing as well!

After my face is ready and well prepared for my night's sleep, I normally continue with my hands. Most of the time, I have had a shower before my skincare routine and that's when my hands are the worst! Sometimes it even hurts because they're so dry, but I'm already used to that by now as this is the case every year... At the moment I like to use the Balea Melon Berry Hand Lotion, which I got in the box from my Highstreet Challenge with my cousin Yasmin a while back! Love it - it smells wonderful and really nourishes and hydrates my hands! I always like to have this around because it's very fast absorbing too so you can quickly put on some of this without worrying that it might leave your hands too greasy!

For my arms and legs, I then use the Zoella Beauty Jelly & Gelato Body Pudding, which is definitely my favourite products from this range! There will be a whole post about the products I got from the Jelly & Gelato collection soon as well so for now, I'll just leave you here saying that this is an incredible body cream/pudding!

That's it already for my current evening skincare routine - I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'm also trying somehow create more autumnal photos for my upcoming posts and I hope you like that as well!

What's one product in your evening skincare routine that you can't live without? x


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