Saturday, 14 October 2017

Five Blogs To Follow #3

The Five Blogs To Follow series is finally back and I can't wait to share five more amazing bloggers and show some love and support in this lovely community!

I absolutely adore this community but sometimes it can get a bit harsh and even rude so I think supporting each other and finding the right words to say is extremely important! That's why I brought back this series and want to share these five lovely blogs with you!

LPage Beauty
Leanne's blog is one of those that I've been following for what feels like ages! She's such a stunning and lovely person and I just love her blog and her Instagram as well! Her images are amazing!
Instagram: @lpbeautyblog

Iridescent Places
It's the same with Caroline's blog actually! I love her photography and her style of writing a lot
Instagram: @iridescentplaces

Frances Kayleigh
I only recently discovered her blog and I'm so glad about that! She has some amazing posts up on her blog and I'm always looking forward to the next post of hers!
Instagram: @franceskayleigh

Sophie's Makeup
Sophie also has incredible photos and posts on her blog, which I always enjoy reading!
Instagram: @sophiemakeup

Elisabeth Hayes
And last but not least I want to mention Elisabeth's blog, which is one of my favourites! She has an incredible style of writing and of course, her photos and everything else is great as well!
Instagram: @elisabethjhayes

Who's your favourite blogger at the moment? x


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