Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Halloween Cookies

I finally had the time to do some baking and decided to go for my annual Halloween theme! There were some extremely cute cutters for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. on eBay and I just had to order them! They weren't expensive either and I think the cookies look way cuter that way!

Because the last cookie dough I tried to mix myself was a complete disaster, I decided to use refrigerated cookie dough that I only had to roll out and cut the cookies from - so much easier!
There were also a few cutters at my parents' house from last year's Halloween that I took with me because they don't use them anyway so I got a few more pumpkins, ghosts and witches!

As for the decoration and the topping I mixed some powdered sugar with hot water to get the icing and then sprinkled some cute Halloween stuff on top that I found at some supermarket recently!
For the smaller cookies, I used coloured icing and just put that in the contours the cutters had left in the dough.

I love to bake all year round but around Halloween and Christmas time I love it even more! I'm not sure why though but it's just so much fun and I love decorating them as well! There will be a few more of these "baking posts" on the blog soon and I really hope you like them!

Have you baked anything recently? x


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