Monday, 30 October 2017

The Serum Foundation Battle: Alverde vs. The Ordinary

Left: The Ordinary 1.0N Very Fair Neutral, Right: Alverde Professional Serum Foundation 01 Porcelain
Recently, I placed my very first order on Deciem and got hold of a few The Ordinary products! Since then I've been trying and testing all of the products I got and especially the foundation is something I absolutely love!

But there was also a little highstreet beauty haul here on the blog a couple of weeks ago where I mentioned that I got a foundation from Alverde - which also happens to be a serum foundation.

That said I immediately knew that I wanted to do a little 'battle' again, just like I did with my BB creams a while ago!

So today I'm comparing both the Professional Serum Foundation from Alverde and the Serum Foundation from The Ordinary!

The Ordinary | Serum Foundation
This one I got in the shade 1.0N, which is a perfect match for me! It looks super natural on the skin and blends out very nicely as well - especially with a damp makeup sponge! It also has that handy pump on top, which makes the application a lot easier! However, due to this being a serum foundation it is extremely runny! When I first swatched this it just ran off my hand right away, but once you know that and apply the product to your face quickly, it's not something that bothers me!

Alverde | Professional Serum Foundation
Of course, I got this in the lightest shade, which is 010 Porcelain. This shade is just a bit darker than the one from The Ordinary but it's still a great match! Alverde is also an all natural and cruelty-free makeup brand, which I really like! It's also a bit less liquidy than the one from The Ordinary and has a very decent scent to it but it doesn't bother me at all. The coverage of this is - again, just like with the other one - light to medium but you can build this up quite easily.

Overall I'd say that both foundations are amazing! I don't want to pick a 'winner' in this so it's a draw!

Have you got a favourite serum foundation? x


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