Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Autumnal Lip Colours

Normally, I'm not much of a lipstick kinda girl but especially in autumn and winter, I do like to get out those seasonal shades! My little collection has grown quite a bit recently and I can't wait to show you guys which products I picked for my autumnal lip colour post!

Rimmel | Lasting Finish Lipstick 128 'Starry Eyed'
The classic. I got this quite some time ago and I still love it! It's definitely my go-to shade for autumn! What I like about this most is the finish and the texture though. It's super creamy and comfortable to wear - love it!

NYX | Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Rome'
One of the newest additions to my makeup collection but also one of my favourites already! Like I said in my recent beauty haul, I had been looking for a shade like this for ages and it's just so pretty!

MAC | 'Sin'
You guys know I have a weakness for MAC lipsticks although my collection is quite small. This one I got for my birthday this year and I  just absolutely love it! I do like to wear it with a gloss on top though because these (dark) matte lipsticks dry out my lips really bad.

Trend It Up | Terra Attitude Lipstick Nr. 29
Not your usual autumnal lip colour but still something very wearable for autumn and winter as well. I never thought that I would wear a shade like this but it actually looks okay on me and the texture of this lipstick is great as well!

p2 | Go With The Flow Matte Lip Cream 020 'Milan'
And last but not least I want to mention the probably darkest lip colour in my colour, which is this lip cream from p2! It's such a rich deep plum shade and I just love that so much! It really is the shade for autumn!

What's your go-to autumnal lip colour? x


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