Sunday, 19 November 2017

p2 Pro Beauty Collection

The blogging break is officially over again - yay! I hope I won't need another break from it though because whenever I'm on a break there's a huge part of my day missing and it feels so weird!

Anyway - let's talk about the p2 Pro Beauty Collection now, shall we?
When we went to the Beauty Blogger Café in Berlin last month, p2 was just one of the amazing brands there and they kindly gave us the whole Pro Beauty Collection, which I had wanted to try so bad!

Let's start with the products I don't really like because there are only three that haven't really impressed me.
First up, I just don't like the Perfect Eyes Brightener. I really wanted to like this but I just didn't know how to use it and when I used it, it looked so weird on me. I will definitely give this a few more tries but as for now, I don't like it. The other two products are the Easy Touch-Up Concealer, which is a colour correcting pen for redness and I, again, really wanted to like this but it just seems that my skin type doesn't like the formulation of this product. The last product is the Chroming Highlighter, which I had such high hopes in but it just disappointed me. It looks terrible on my skin tone and I think I'm not the type to wear a chrome highlight.

But now on to the good stuff of this collection! My favourites are definitely the Prep + Fix Spray and the Makeup Base. Both of them make my makeup and my face, in general, look amazing, if I may say so myself. The spray is really fine and doesn't ruin the makeup and the base smoothes the skin and prepares it very well for the makeup.
Then there are the Strobing Wonder, which looks incredible on the skin and is just such a beautiful highlight, the Fix + Matte Loose Powder, which is nothing special but I like it anyway, and last but not least the Perfect Eyes Refine + Prime Eye Base, which is definitely my favourite eye base so far! It has worked some wonders for my eye makeup and I just love it!

And that's it already - the whole of the Pro Beauty collection from p2!

What do you think of this collection? x


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