Saturday, 30 December 2017

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara & Brow Pomade Review

This post does come a little late, doesn't it? There was quite the hype about the L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara when it came out and I do understand the hype all too well!

When I discovered the mascara in the local shop, I was beyond excited that they finally started selling it - so it made its way into my basket immediately. But then I also saw that there's a brow pomade, which, obviously, also landed in my basket. I somehow waited a few days before I actually started using them - don't ask me why though I wish I had discovered and tested them earlier!

The Lash Paradise Mascara is supposed to be a less expensive alternative for the all too famous Better Than Sex Mascara from Too Faced. When I heard that for the first time, I was sure I had to get this because the results of the BTS Mascara had always stunned me!

But let's start with the packaging... It's gorgeous, isn't it? The European version looks different to the US one and also has another name but the product is the same - thank heavens! I've also noticed that the longer you use the product, the harder it gets to unscrew the lid and get the wand out. Maybe it's just mine though but I thought I should mention that in here as well!

The wand of this mascara is quite big and the bristles are very close together, which is the reason it gives such volume to the lashes. It grips each individual lash and coats them with the product. I've been extremely impressed with this and still am, of course, and it's definitely up there with my all-time fave, the Lash Sensational from Maybelline!

Now on to the Paradise Brow Pomade! Just like the mascara, this brow product has a gorgeous packaging! This even comes with a little brush applicator that I do actually use to apply the pomade because it just picks up the perfect amount of product to fill in your brows with! But of course, you can use any other applicator or brush with this; it's incredibly smooth and creamy but still has an amazing texture for applying it correctly. I really hope this makes sense... haha

There are five shades available and I went for 104 Brunette. It's actually not that dark and I like it a lot better than the darker shades they have - just because I like to fill in my brows with a lighter shade rather than going for a dark brown that matches my actual hair colour. This shade also has some ashy pigments in it, which makes it even better as it is not as warm and red-toned as some other brow products may be.

As you can tell, these two are very much liked and I'm beyond glad that I picked them up back then! Yes, I am a little late to the party but better late than never, right?

Have you tried the mascara and/or the brow pomade? x


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