Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Perfume Minis To Try

A few days ago, I uploaded one of the photos from this post to my Instagram and it actually got more engagement than the photos I had uploaded before! Yay! Instagram currently is a real pain in the butt and such small achievement make me really happy!

Anyway, back to the products I wanted to talk about! Since I started working in a beauty shop I got given so many incredible samples and products and I seriously couldn't be any happier about that!
And because perfumes and scents are an essential in our shop, I want to start talking about them a lot more here on the blog too, starting with the J'Adore In Joy from Dior and the La Vie Est Belle L'Γ‰clat from LancΓ΄me today!

Both brands are said to have incredible products - perfumes as well as makeup, of course - and the two scents I got to try from them really are amazing! They're not too heavy and both are right up my street when it comes to scents!
And even as minis (5ml each) they look gorgeous, don't you think?!

For my first "professional" post about perfumes I still decided to look for some help on Fragrantica, just in case, ha! 

J'Adore In Joy - fruity-floral with a salty taste
Top notes:
Sea Salt

Middle notes:
Jasmine Sambac

Base notes:

La Vie Est Belle L'Γ‰clat - oriental-floral
Top notes:

Middle notes:
Orange Blossom
White Flowers

Base notes:

I have drastically changed the way I look at perfumes now and how to describe them. It's such an interesting topic and I really want to talk about perfumes and scents a lot more!

What's your favourite scent at the moment? x


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