Monday, 15 January 2018

The Primer Battle: Smashbox vs. Alverde

When I started getting into makeup and beauty a bit more, I knew that there were such products as primers, setting powders etc. but I never really used them. For me, it was all about mascara, concealer and a brow gel and I was done. Now that I'm working in a beauty shop, I actually have to wear more makeup; I know I said that before, ha, sorry about that!

So I've been using primers regularly for the past few months and I really got into the topic of "the perfect base" and "that flawless airbrushed look" a lot more and I can so tell the difference between an amazing and a bad primer now!
That's why I came up with another "Battle of the Products", this time comparing the Smashbox Photo Finished Primer and the Alverde Hydro Primer!

Let's start with the Smashbox one here...
I got this one last summer and used it every now and then because I didn't really have a reason to, to be honest! The past few months, I've been using either this one or the Essence Get Picture Ready! Primer - those two are just my ultimate favourites!
The Photo Finish Primer has a very light texture and makes your skin feel like velvet once it's applied to the face, which I find to be the perfect base to apply makeup on, obviously! It also prevents my foundation and my concealer from creasing or sliding off my face throughout the day, which was my biggest problem when I started working!

Packaging-wise you can see why I chose these two to be compared here on the blog, because, let's be honest, they look very similar to each other! However, they're not only very different when it comes to the price - Alverde: €3.95, Smashbox: €17.99 - but also when it comes to the quality of the product itself!

I know, the Alverde Hydro Primer is supposed to moisturise the skin as well as prime it at the same time but the texture of this basically feels like water once you squeeze it from the tube and I don't like that at all! On the face, it feels very sticky, which is good considering it to be a primer and the makeup has to "stick" to it all day long, but it actually feels like glue on my skin? Does that make sense?
Throughout the day my makeup lasts quite well but I've noticed that there's a point where the primer seems to stop working and especially around my nose and underneath my eyes my makeup just completely slides off! It looks terrible and I was a bit shocked when I looked at myself in the mirror the day I wore this for the first time! I gave this a few more tries, thinking it was just my moisturiser or my foundation, but that wasn't the problem.

I hope the Alverde one is just not right for my skin type because I really wanted this to work as it might have been a less expensive alternative for the Photo Finish Primer, but for me, it's definitely not worth another shot...

You can already tell which of the primers won, ha! Maybe the Alverde Hydro Primer works better for other skin types or I just applied it wrong but I don't think so.
The Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is definitely worth the money and I will gladly repurchase it once I run out of it - it lasts very well, though!

Have you tried the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer before? x


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