Saturday, 6 January 2018

Things I've Learned Since Having A Cat

There has never been a creature that I loved more than my little baby. She's the most gorgeous, cuddly and overall friendly cat I've ever laid my eyes on!

When I was younger I really hated cats because my grandma had two and they always walked on me when I slept and scratched my arms etc. so I swore to myself that I would never in a million years get a cat!
And look at me now... Four years ago, I basically adopted our neighbour's cat, which my grandma cares for now and she's beyond happy with him. Of course I still absolutely love him but I love my kitty a lot more!

Her name is Malissa, she's 7 years old, turning 8 in February and she's a "normal" house cat. I got her back in October because I felt so incredibly lonely and it was quite spontaneous as well. One evening I talked to my parents on the phone while searching for people on the internet who want to hand off their cat and that's when I found her. I asked my mum about the idea first and she just said I should definitely do it!
So I did it.

And I'm absolutely smitten! I mean, have you ever seen a more beautiful cat in your life?

But now on to the things I've actually learned since having her all to myself!

She loves me unconditionally
I never thought that a small cat as she is can show so much love and appreciation, really... She always welcomes me when I come home and wants to cuddle all the time! And with all the time, I mean it. I can't even eat without having her on my lap, ha! I don't mind that at all and I just love her so so much and she shows her love to me every single day!

She likes travelling
Although it's a real pain in the butt to get her in her little travel bag whenever we're going somewhere, she loves travelling, whether by car or by train. I know she's relaxed in her little bag and she always looks and meows at me as if to say "Look, everything's so exciting!" - Oh man, I sound so weird but I hope there are any cat lovers out there who understand me! haha

She actually talks to me
Malissa was very shy when I first got her but with days passing by, she got more talkative and comfortable with her surroundings. Whenever I talk to her - and yes, I talk to her like I'd talk to my mum, for example - she actually answers. I know it sounds stupid but it's nice to have some kind of feedback when you talk, you know?

She always comforts me
I realised that when there are times when I feel sad or quite exhausted or stressed, she behaves differently, but not in a negative way. It's typical for her to follow me around like a shadow but whenever I feel bad, she wants me to carry or cuddle her. And that really does help a lot!

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