Sunday, 11 February 2018

8 Pixi Beauty Lip Products To Fall In Love With

Pixi Beauty has quickly become not only a skincare but also a makeup brand that quite many people just love, me included. 

A couple months ago, I very kindly received two packages with their liquid lipsticks and their normal lipsticks. Latter come in three gorgeous shades, the liquid ones in five.

Because these shades are right up my street, I thought I'd include all of them in this post so you guys may find the perfect one for you!

The liquid lipsticks, like I said, come in five different nude shades. They have this petal formed applicator, which makes it incredibly easy to apply the product!
When I first opened these I instantnly noticed the gorgeous scent - it kind of reminds me of Christmas; a mixture of vanilla and cinnamon. The scent really makes up for the not so satisfying longevity as well! 

As for the lipsticks, they need a bit of a warm up before using them for the very first time. After that though they apply amazingly well and look beautiful on the lips!
Again, the only thing that bothers me a bit is that they don't last that long... But honestly, I don't mind, I got used to reapplying either the lipstick or the liquid lipstick throughout the day.

I definitely want to try more of their makeup products; they just seem so well priced with a great quality!

Have you tried any of these before? x


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