Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dior Capture Youth Serums

As well as fragrances, skincare has quickly become my favourite thing to write and talk about since being surrounded by it every single day for the past four months. Dior has always been a brand that fascinated me, especially their skincare and makeup products!

Dior recently launched a new skincare range - the Capture Youth Age-Delaying series. Cara Delevigne is the face of this campaign, which made it even more appealing to me when I first saw the serums and the face cream.
There are five different serums which you can either use on their own or mixed in with the cream to achieve the best results. The serums basically cover every skin concern you can probably have at the age of around 20 to 30, which is the best age to start with your first anti ageing creams and serums.

The Redness Soother
As the name says this serum helps to reduce visible redness and calm the skin on your face with a blend of cotton peptides and iris extract.

The Glow Booster
Everyone wants their skin to look glowy and healthy - this serum is your go-to product when you travel a lot and want an overall brighter complexion as it helps your skin resist aggressions like stress or jet lag.

The Lift Sculptor
This serum contains a blend of green, white and rooibos tea to fight against the lack of elasticity and make it look younger and more lifted.

The Matte Maximizer
To help you reduce shine, absorb excess oils, refine the texture of your skin and visibly minimize the appearance of pores, this serum contains lactic acid from sugar cane in combination with pink clay and zinc gluconate as well as iris extract.

The Plump Filler
This fifth and last serum from the range helps to restore the skin's plumpness and rehydrate the skin on the surface with the help of natural-origin fermented wheat, iris extract and a fresh and nourishing texture.

If you guys want to know about the face cream as well, just let me know in the comments! I'm head over heels in love with this range from Dior, and with everything else from them basically, so I'd be super happy to tell you more about a few products!

What do you think about the Dior Capture Youth range? x


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