Tuesday, 3 April 2018

3 To Try From Chanel

Writing an opening paragraph for a blog post is definitely the most difficult part for me in the whole process of creating and publishing my written piece. Somehow I never know what to write, which is extremely frustrating!
But as for today's post, I thought I'd talk a bit about the brand, which, in this case, is Chanel! There are not many products that I own from them but the three ones I gladly have in my collection are amazing!

I already mentioned all of these briefly in a few recent posts but I wanted to get a few more details out to you guys and tell you how and especially why I like these products so much!

Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow - 822 Silver Screen/Satiné
These single eyeshadows are also my favourite at the moment. I have a couple of them at home and I do reach for them all the time because they're so super easy to use! You just have to dip your finger or your brush in once or twice and swipe it all over the lid. It's really that easy! And because they're also very easy to blend, you can create an everyday eye look with just one or two of these single eyeshadows!

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara - 10 Noir
By far one of the best mascaras I currently own! I use it almost daily to separate and lengthen my lashes before going in with another mascara to add the volume. I really don't mind using two different mascaras to get the effect I want and this one is just perfect for separation and adding length!
Throughout the day, it can smudge a little underneath the eyes, especially when applied to the lower lashes, but it's nothing a cotton bud can't fix.

Le Correcteur de Chanel Longwear Concealer - 10 Beige
Yes, I have indeed talked about this incredible concealer numerous times here on the blog already but now I can finally write down all of the benefits and other details!
The texture is creamy and super blendable, which makes it almost melt into your skin to create that second skin effect - and this is just a concealer! Whenever I use this underneath my eyes and on my nose, it doesn't even look like I have anything applied because it blends so very well and the shade also matches my skintone so perfectly!
No creasing, no flaking, no smudging. It stays put all day long, especially with a powder on top.

Do you have a favourite beauty product from Chanel? x


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