Sunday, 8 April 2018

3 To Try From Dior - Skincare

It seems I've been talking about Dior products non-stop lately, but that's because I freaking love them so much!

There are three/four skincare products in particular that I currently use and that quickly became my favourites in their category! I know there actually are four products but I thought I'd put the two serums into one category, so theoretically there are only three products.

I know I've used this sentence way too many times the past few months, too. "Since I've started working in a beauty shop..." - guys, since then my view of makeup, skincare and fragrances has completely changed! And also, I very very kindly get the one or other product to try and test and home as well. This makes it so much more interesting for me because I can review so many more products for you!
I constantly have the urge to explain myself for all the products and highend items, so here's the explanation, haha.

Hydra Life Lotion to Foam - Fresh Cleanser
The first step of everyone's nightly face routine: removing the makeup and cleansing the face. For ages, shame on me, I only used face wipes to clean my face. Many cleansing foams also dried out my skin and made it feel super tight and uncomfortable, only very few foams have passed the test for me so far and this definitely is one of them!
It also has a super handy pump on top and the light green colour is just super pleasant to look at, don't you think?

Hydra Life Fresh Hydration - Sorbet Créme
Everyone's skin has felt tight, dry and overall just uncomfortable at least once or twice this past winter, if not even more times! Mine surely felt that way but this Sorbet has definitely saved it from going totally nuts! Even the smell promises a fresh, calming feeling and it even excites me a bit whenever I apply this, knowing my skin just needs that kick of hydration. It's super refreshing to apply in the evening as well, just to calm down and rewind for a second!

Capture Youth Glow Booster & Redness Soother
I already did a post on these two (and the three other ones there are) but I thought I'd mention them once more in this post. For me, the Glow Booster and the Redness Soother are the most convenient and useful ones. Because I still have that redness on my nose, I like to use the Soother after the cleanser and before the moisturiser just on my nose. I've seen a huge difference in the texture of the skin on my nose and I'm still blown away! It not only calms the skin and partly reduces the redness, it also smoothes the skin and makes it softer. I don't know if that's a wanted effect of this serum but it surely doesn't bother me!
The Booster is only for mornings where I feel like my skin needs that extra portion of energy - which happens quite frequently, to be fair! Here, I mix two to three drops in with my moisturiser and apply it to my face before putting on my primer or makeup. You guys, this has made such a difference in the way my makeup looks throughout the day! Because my skin looks so much more glowy and radiant, my makeup instantly looks better as well! Such an amazing product!

Overall, Dior has quickly become my favourite brand when it comes to skincare products! They have products for everyone and every skin type and I know they are indeed highend and quite pricey but it really is all worth it!

Do you have a favourite skincare brand? x


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