Thursday, 5 April 2018

Brand Focus: YSL Beauty

As well as increasingly talking about Guerlain, Chanel or Dior here on the blog, YSL Beauty is also one of the brands that I have a strong love for. Not only is it my brand to keep an eye on at work, it also is one of my favourite makeup and perfume brands! I mean, Black Opium is just the fragrance for me and the new All In One Glow Foundation is simply stunning!

A few weeks ago, I wasn't even aware of the fact that there are a face cleanser and an eye makeup remover in their range as well! The face cleanser, however, is amazing! I already mentioned that in my first monthly favourites in January and I'm currently using it almost non-stop - together with my cleansing foam from Dior.

Their fragrances are my favourite though. The Black Opium range is just my favourite to sell at work when someone asks for a special, heavy and sweet scent; especially Floral Shock has won my heart!

And their makeup, of course, is top-notch as well. My favourite products are definitely their liquid lipsticks and their mascaras - they're super well priced and you just get an amazing quality!

I do love YSL Beauty a lot and I'm looking forward to trying many more products from them in the future!

Have you tried something from YSL Beauty before? x 


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