Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The Hand Balm Of Your Dreams – Ritual Of Sakura

Hand balms and creams can be a tricky thing to buy, especially when you constantly have dry hands or chapped nails, like myself. At the moment, my hands and nails actually look horrible due to the cold weather, the daily gift wrapping and all the water while cleaning the shelves at work. For my nails, like I mentioned in one of my recent favourites posts, I currently use the Nail Repair Green Micro Cell, which has helped my nails a lot!

But I've found this particular hand balm from the Ritual of Sakura range by Rituals to work a little magic on my hands and nails.
The Ritual of Sakura range has that very lovely cherry blossom scent, which is my absolute favourite! I was very kindly gifted this hand balm at work and have been in love ever since I got it.

The texture is quite thick but still feels very light on the skin and also absorbs super quickly - the most important fact in a hand cream/balm for me! I basically have this with me wherever I go and it has seriously saved my hands!
They still don't look incredible but a lot better than a few months ago; still horrible but not as bad though. Now you can imagine what my hands must've looked and felt like back in December!

So if you're currently on the hunt for a new hand cream, definitely give this one a try! Like the name says, it's super soothing and smells beautiful! There's also a hand balm in the Ritual of Ayurveda range if you prefer that scent more.

What's your favourite range from Rituals? x


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