Sunday, 13 May 2018

Pixi Pretties Review

Pixi. I have talked about this incredible brand many times here on my blog already and I don't think about changing that any time soon. They super kindly sent me the new Pixi Pretties collection and I was so excited when I opened the package!

On social media, these three palettes have been photographed a million times by now so it was particularly hard for me to find the perfect composition to take these pictures! I eventually just went back to the good old flatlay without much going on just to make sure you guys can see how pretty these are!

Without any further ado, let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Dimensional Eye Creator - Weylie Hoang
The lovely face behind this kit is Weylie Hoang. I haven't heard of her before but now that I know her, I'm super glad! Her YouTube channel, her videos and her Instagram are right up my street and I just love her!
The palette she created with Pixi is just as amazing! It has six neutral shades, two shimmery ones and four matte ones. You can literally create the perfect everyday eye makeup look just with this palette! I've been using it almost non stop for the past two weeks and I just don't seem to get bored of it - which is a good thing, of course! However, the 2-in-1 Black Kohl Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner is not so great, for me at least. I'm not the eyeliner kind of girl though this one isn't the only one I own so I do know how a liquid eyeliner should feel on the skin. This one leaked into all the fine lines on my hand so I tried it on my eyes and it did the exact same - it just didn't look good... The kohl pencil, however, is amazing - it's super soft and easy to apply!
Just like the eyeshadows, which I have to mention here once again - they're so easy to blend and extremely pigmented, just like the other palettes which I will talk about in a minute. Really didn't expect such high pigmentation, to be honest!

Palette Chloette & Lip Icing - Chloe Morello
Her palette is just stunning. I love the concept of blushes, combined with eyeshadows and three powders to fill in your brows and line or contour your eyes with! Again, I absolutely love all the shades included in this palette, especially the three blush shades! At the moment, I love using blush and these are just perfect!
The Lip Icing is infused with rose hip and marula oil to nourish your lips and that's exactly what it feels like! It's not sticky on the lips, it just feels super hydrating and looks stunning due to the shimmery particles in the formula! I also absolutely love the smell of this - it's the typical Pixi lip product smell and it's just the best one ever!

Dulce's Lip Candy & Café con Dulce - Dulce Candy
The lip palette had me a bit on the hold at first because normally I don't opt for a lip colour from such a palette. However, this palette did change my mind about lip palettes! The shades are SO buttery and soft, smell divine and look gorgeous on the lips! You can apply them with your finger or with a brush to receive different types of intensity. For n my swatches, I applied them with my finger and only had to go in the pan once! Still super impressed!
The Café con Dulce palette is not only an eyeshadow palette but also a face and highlighter palette. I would definitely use all the shades all over my face, haha. They're just gorgeous and super buttery as well! To be honest, I haven't swatched such creamy and soft eyeshadows in a very long time, which surprised me even more, as I really didn't expect this from Pixi!
For my swatches, I, again, used my finger without any fixing spray whatsoever and can you see how pigmented they still are?!
The lighter shades look beautiful as an inner corner highlight and the other ones look just as incredible, of course!

Guys, I honestly didn't think I would love these collabs so freaking much! I'm super impressed with the quality of the products and how they perform when used every day!
Very well done, Pixi! And thanks so much once again for this generous PR package!!

What do you think about the Pixi Pretties collaborations? x


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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Good Morning - Products I Like To Start The Day With

I'm not a morning person, at all. I hate getting up early in the morning and I hate leaving my warm and comfy bed. But these few products really do make the early hours of my day go by a lot quicker and also a lot easier.

Most days my alarm goes off at 7 but I never get up right away... You see, my bed just won't let me, haha! But once I'm up bright and early, I start my little morning routine. I will start by feeding Malissa and preparing breakfast for myself. After doing so, I always use a combination of the Pixi Rose Flash Balm and the Clinique Moisture Surge - every morning I just need that hydration kick before putting anything else on my face.

Then I will eat my breakfast and drink my tea - at the moment I absolutely love the Cupper Be Happy Tea as I feel it's the perfect drink to have in the morning!
Right after I had my first meal of the day, I start with my daily makeup routine. First things first: preparing the skin. As I already applied my moisturiser I usually apply a thin layer of the Dior Capture Youth Glow Booster to add that extra glow to my skin before starting to apply my foundation. And of course, I also prepare my lips for the amount of lipstick that's to come throughout the day by using the Dior Lip Sugar Scrub.

These four products and my daily cup of tea in the morning really save my day and they make everything so much more comfortable!

Do you have a product you don't want to miss out on before starting your day? x


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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My Makeup Collection: Primers, Foundations & Concealers

I recently had a little declutter of my makeup collection and realised how many un-blogged products I had - so I decided to show you guys all of my makeup bits and bobs in a weekly product roundup now!

As this is the first post of my new series, I thought I'd start with all the base products, including primers, foundations and concealers. Also, I won't write a detailed paragraph on each of these products, I'll just mention my favourite and the newest addition. In case you would like to know anything about the one or other product, just let me know!

I do love a good primer yet I haven't bought any new ones recently, but my favourite is still the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - by far the best primer I've tried so far!

As you can tell I do have quite a few foundations and I actually use all of them regularly. At least I'm trying to rotate in between all the products that I have. My favourite out of all these great foundations is the Diorskin Forever Foundation. It just is, hands down, the best foundation for me at the moment and I absolutely love it! The newest one, however, is the L'Oreal Bonjour Nudista Awakening Skin Tint. I will keep you guys updated on that one!

This part of my collection is also quite "small" compared to the foundation part but I do have my favourite one in here, which is the Chanel Le Correcteur. Been using it every single day since I got it and I can already see that it won't last long anymore... The newest one in here actually is the Maybelline Age-Rewind Concealer, which I last used ages ago but there's a new neutral shade now so I'm super excited to give that one a try!

Down below, I have tried to link all the products from my photos in case you'd like to know any specific details!

What's your favourite primer/foundation/concealer? x


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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Clarins Skincare - Worth The Money?

Clarins has long been a brand that I only heard amazing things about but never actually tried it until changing my job!

A few months ago I got my first chance to try their face creams properly at home and what can I say? I'm impressed!

The day and night creams I'm using at the moment are the Multi-Active Jour SPF 20 and the matching Multi-Active Nuit. These are actually meant for young women who want to slow down or even postpone the process of ageing and getting wrinkles and fine lines. However, with 20 years of age I thought I could slowly start using the first anti-ageing products in my skincare routine.

First I thought these wouldn't make a difference in my complexion but I was so wrong! My skin looks healthier, more plumped and overall just "younger". So these are definitely worth the money when you want to start getting hold of your first anti-ageing products!

Whenever my skin feels particularly dry, I like to use the Hydra Essential Serum underneath my moisturiser. It really hydrates the skin and feels super comfortable as well! Definitely a recommendation for everyone wanting to get to know Clarins skincare!

And last but by no means least, I want to mention to you the Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk with Aloe Vera. It's extremely moisturising and perfect for using after showering as it dries very quickly so you can put your clothes back on straight after. The pump on top also makes the application a lot easier! Really love that!

Have you tried any of the Clarins skincare before? x


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