Sunday, 6 May 2018

Clarins Skincare - Worth The Money?

Clarins has long been a brand that I only heard amazing things about but never actually tried it until changing my job!

A few months ago I got my first chance to try their face creams properly at home and what can I say? I'm impressed!

The day and night creams I'm using at the moment are the Multi-Active Jour SPF 20 and the matching Multi-Active Nuit. These are actually meant for young women who want to slow down or even postpone the process of ageing and getting wrinkles and fine lines. However, with 20 years of age I thought I could slowly start using the first anti-ageing products in my skincare routine.

First I thought these wouldn't make a difference in my complexion but I was so wrong! My skin looks healthier, more plumped and overall just "younger". So these are definitely worth the money when you want to start getting hold of your first anti-ageing products!

Whenever my skin feels particularly dry, I like to use the Hydra Essential Serum underneath my moisturiser. It really hydrates the skin and feels super comfortable as well! Definitely a recommendation for everyone wanting to get to know Clarins skincare!

And last but by no means least, I want to mention to you the Body-Smoothing Moisture Milk with Aloe Vera. It's extremely moisturising and perfect for using after showering as it dries very quickly so you can put your clothes back on straight after. The pump on top also makes the application a lot easier! Really love that!

Have you tried any of the Clarins skincare before? x


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