Sunday, 27 May 2018

Going Green With Hej Organic

The past few years I was lucky enough to be part of amazing opportunities and got to work with some great brands! A few weeks ago, I was very kindly sent this incredible set of goodies from Hej Organic, which is a German organic skincare brand, founded in 2016 as part of the Brandpur group.

In my little goodie box, I got a few products if their Cactus range, including the Nourishing Face Tonic, the Revitalizing Body Splash and the SPF 15 Face Cream. All three of these products have positively surprised me right from the start, which made me super happy! My favourite is the Face Tonic - it smells SO good and makes my skin so super soft as well!

The Perfect Trio contains three tubes for multi-masking - the eye, cheek and t-zone are covered with this little set and work really well on my skin! Usually, I don't like multi-masking or using masks in general because I don't really have the time but as these are three little tubes, it's a lot easier and faster!
Another mask is The Unique Face & Décolleté Ghassoul Mask - I just googled: "Ghassoul is a cosmetic made of natural clay mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco". I haven't used this one yet but I will definitely update you guys over on Instagram!

I very quickly fell in love with Hej Organic and I'm super glad I got the chance to discover this great brand!

Do you like using organic skincare? x


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