Thursday, 31 May 2018

KitNipBox - The Monthly Cat Subscription Box

My pets are the most important creatures for me personally - whether it's our dog, my grandma's cat, which was "my" cat once, or Malissa. They all mean the absolute world to me.
Now that I actually have my first own pet, I only want the very best for her, so when the lovely team from KitNipBox reached out to me, I was super excited! Malissa loves her toys and getting so many amazing new ones made her really excited as well!

KitNipBox is like Glossybox for your pet, basically. However, with each toy or treat in the box, a portion of their proceeds is donated to animal welfare causes, which is just incredible. Pets and animals, in general, are the best we humans could ask for so I think it's our "mission" to make them feel good and have a good life, you know?

The box Malissa received was the Rock & Roll-themed one and trust me on this guys: she freaking loves every single toy!
Let's start with the catnip filled toys here because those are by far her favourites! Especially the Safemade Keyboard - she adores that one! She only had one other toy filled with catnip before these but her reaction to the keyboard was just the cutest!
The other catnip filled toys are the Safemade Microphone Kicker and the All for Paws Hiss T-Shirt and of course, there's the Multipet Catnip Garden, which I haven't given to her yet because I still need to find a way to give her that loose catnip, haha.

Her favourite two toys have quickly become the Rock and Roll Crinkle Pillow and the Leopard Wand. I've never seen her so happy and joyful before! Whenever she's in the mood to play, she'll grab the red pillow and throw around the entire flat and when she's done, she'll rest her head on it and fall asleep. Isn't that true love for a toy?

Overall, I'm incredibly happy and satisfied with this box - especially because Malissa just loves all of the items! If you're interested in starting the subscription for your cat as well you can get 15% off your first month/box using LILIES15 at checkout!

Have you ever had a subscription box for your pet? x


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