Tuesday, 22 May 2018

New Skincare I’ve Been Trialling Lately

It's been a while since I sat down and properly wrote a blog post. Everything has been a little rough the past few days but I'm super glad that I got this week off to relax a bit!

I really hope that I can concentrate on my blog and social media a lot more this week as well - I feel so bad for neglecting my blog recently, I could actually cry. Let's hope for the best, though!

Let's start with today's post now, shall we?
You guys may or may not already know that skincare is a topic that I absolutely love to write about. So today I came back with another skincare post, this time showing you which products I've been testing out lately!

Hej Organic Nourishing Face Tonic*
There will be a full post about Hej Organic very soon here on the blog as well but I really wanted to mention the Face Tonic before that.
First of all, the 150ml bottle is super handy and fits in my cosmetic bag very well, so I can take it anywhere I need to!
The ingredients include Pear and Argan Oil and Grapefruit Extract, which is a combination that makes your skin look glowy, healthy and extremely smooth! I love to use this morning and evening with a cotton pad to make sure I cover every part of my face with it.
The smell is also just incredible!

Mario Badescu Herbal Hydrating Serum*
Definitely my favourite out of these four! Even the colour of the product itself just excites me, haha! It's very lightweight and makes the skin feel amazingly soft - especially when applied on top of a moisturiser!
At the moment, I just use this and my Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Creme day and night and my skin seems to be super glad about it, ha! No pimples, no blemishes, no dry spots! And it looks extremely glowy and radiant, which I just love!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater*
The product I was looking forward to the most was the MB Facial Spray. It didn't disappoint me, though, it didn't really convince me either. I'm not sure whether it is the formula or just the fact that the spray head is awful.
I do spritz my makeup sponge before blending my foundation and concealer and the results are great, but whenever I want to add a little bit of extra glow to my makeup, the spray head just destroys everything! The mist that comes from it is way too heavy and spritzes everywhere but my face! That's the only downpart of this product; overall it's an okay product.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
And last but by no means least, my favourite eye cream at the moment! I'm so in love with this product, it's unreal! Luckily, we got a little pot to try a few weeks ago and ever since then I've been using the tiniest amounts of it underneath my eyes because I just don't want to run out of it!
The Estée Lauder website also states that this creme is ideal for dark circles and that's exactly what I noticed as well. My super dark circles have started to slightly vanish and I'm so happy about it because nothing else seemed to work before! An absolute must-have product, if you ask me!

These four products have been my skins' favourites the past few weeks and I'm super glad I got the chance to try them!

Have you been testing out new skincare products lately? x


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